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Southwick’s large and lively Community Centre has a long history - and it continues to flourish by serving the needs of the present day.

- run by more than 50 clubs, societies and other organisations

Our events pages give information about shows, concerts, festivals, fairs and other public events held at the Centre.

Our activities pages tell you about the many types of groups, clubs and classes which meet and operate at the Centre.

As well as the wide choice of events and activities which you might want to participate in, the Community Centre offers plenty of opportunities for volunteering.

If you’re interested in joining in with the running and improvement of the Centre, please have a look at our volunteering pages - and the many ways of getting involved.

If you’d like to get in touch with us directly, you’ll find full contact details here.

We’re now open for a full range of activities

Recent government announcements on Covid controls (relating to England) mean most of the legal requirements on matters like face-coverings, social distancing, maximum numbers

of people in one place, etc, have been lifted from 19 July.

The emphasis is on individuals being expected to act responsibly and sensibly.

What we are doing to help keep our users safe

We will keep in place all our basics of good anti-Covid sanitation and cleaning.

We will continue using signage that guides people to follow particular routes around the communal areas of the Centre (such as a one-way entrance-exit route in the Café).

We will ensure that communal areas are kept well ventilated, through natural air flow.

Requests and advice to our users

We ask all our users to continue taking sensible precautions for their own protection and for other people’s protection too.

When you are in the communal areas, we ask you to make use of the hand sanitisers, follow marked routes, and wear a face covering (except when you have taken a seat in the Café).

When you have left the communal areas, and are in the rooms and spaces hired for activities, it is for the organisers of the activities to decide the arrangements for conducting things safely.

Guidance for organisers

We have prepared this brief advice note - suggesting relevant things that organisers might wish to consider, and act on as necessary, to help people attending their activities do so as safely as possible.

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